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Right now

I’ve been very quiet on this end lately, but there’s been a combination of factors that have kept me from writing. I’ve just started a new job this week. Alhamdulillah it’s one I’m very excited about, but as to be xpected, theres been a very steep learning curve, and we’ve only just begun.

So that basically means that whilst the children are getting back into the school and homework routine, I’m right next to them, busy going through manuals myself. This in addition to the everyday responsibilities of keeping a home running.

Because of that, this post is basically following the ‘right now’ format. I’ve seen other bloggers do it once in a while so thought I’d give it a try as well, so here goes.

Right now:

My favourite food – Sushi! I’ve always been an adventurous eater, but have only recently tried sushi, and have to admit to wondering why I didn’t try it sooner.

Kids favourite food – Surprisingly they quite enjoy sushi as well, however I think their absolute favourite will always be pizza.

What I’m reading
(And what the kids are reading)

Aside from all the manuals for work, it’s been mostly reading with the children. For Little Miss, I’m reading to her, The Little Princess, a retelling of the classic by… and Little Man is very into factual books at the moment, so the book on animals that we received from Jozi wahm is right up is alley. I did however manage to squeeze in a book that Ive reviewed, check it here.

My biggest challenge -Trying to maintain a schedule. We so desperately need to keep this on track. There’s been quite a few changes this year already, we just need to stay organised. Strangely one of the big challenges has actually been going to bed on time! Also right now blogging is a bit of a challenge, because there just doesn’t seem to be much time.

Kids biggest challenge – Little Miss is just adjusting to the more formalised Grade 1 activities, and also making new friends. Little Man is trying to decide what extra mural activities to choose from. So far, he’s decided on art club, and that starts this week.

My goals – To keep pushing myself beyond my fears. And a big goal this year is to start a fitness programme. I’ve fallen off the wagon really badly. It’s not just for weight loss, which would of course be a huge advantage, but also, mostly just to get healthier! Health is not something we appreciate or take much notice of until things start going wrong. I’m hoping to change that for myself.

Kids goals – As far as I know, Little Miss is hoping to get taller, and hoping that there’s going to be a junior art club available for her to attend as well. Little Man is hoping to chosen for the school cricket team, and even though try-outs are only next term, he’s already started practicing.

What makes me happy – Too many things to mention. Alhamdulillah despite all the difficulties that we may experience, there is at least a hundred other moments to make shukr for. Ive started a happiness jar this year, and whilst i havent managed to write something out everyday, I have been fairly consistent. Keeping track of moments of joy is very rewarding.

What makes the kids happy – The end of the school day, but also the beginning of the day, when they see their friends again. Jokes in their lunchtins. Reading together. Swimming. Painting. Making new friends….again, it’s quite a long list.


Subhanallah I’m glad I wrote this post after all… I guess that’s one of the main reasons I write, it helps put things into perspective, and reminds me to be thankful for the many blessings bestowed upon me. 🌸🌸🌸 They may not be extraordinary, and they certainly aren’t extravagant, but the simple joys, having a happy family, healthy children, food, people to love and a place to call home…these I am grateful for.


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