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Teaching by Theme

Little Miss has recently become enamoured with all things from the ocean! And so I’ve decided to revert back to my original method of teaching by theme. What this means is that I try to cover many different subjects based around 1 initial idea.

So for Islamic History we learned about one of the most well known ocean stories in the Quraan. The story of Nabi Yunus being swallowed by the whale, and how even in the darkest fear, he never lost hope of Allahs Mercy. This ended of as a natural science lesson, as the kids discussed which type of whale it would have been. Killer whales were ruled out because of their name alone! But then they were added back onto the list of probabilities, because well, its a miracle from Allah, and miracles don’t necessarily follow human rules.

Then for Tafseer, well Tafseer for Six year olds, we discussed the Quraanic verse wherein Allah mentions the ‘invisible’ barrier between the oceans. A quick google search returned some wonderful images. Little Miss was amazed by this! It also quickly incorporated a little bit of geography.



To round off the learning, I tried to add in a little bit of Fiqh as well. We discussed wudhu, and how according to all the scholars, the ocean water is always considered pure and clean, and is permissable to use for Wudhu. So now, on our next visit to the beach (whenever thatll be) Little Miss has decided that we have to make Wudhu at the beach! InShaAllah 🙂

And finally for the fun bit, I found this cool craft here where we’re going to make our very own ocean in a bottle. The fact that it again teaches another science concept and is essentially an experiment is an added bonus. ( Keep an eye out on my Facebook page, I’ll post a pic there when we’re done)

I don’t know why I did, but over the last few months, I have deviated from the idea of teaching by theme. This whole exercise just reminded me of how effective it is, and because the central focus stems from something the children themselves are interested in, its easy to hold their attention, and they don’t even realise how much they’re learning, because its FUN!



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