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Review: Islamic Nursery Rhymes by Elizabeth Lymer

I have always been a huge fan of finding new and novel ways to teach children. More especially when it comes to Islamic education, we need more diverse and interesting manners in which to impart knowledge of deen.

In this current era, where we are competing as it were, with much more than just television. However, it is precisely because of such challenges, we also find ourselves in a time where many Muslimahs are expressing their creativity, being innovative, and breaking new ground in this precise genre.

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On of these ground-breaking and highly talented individuals is none other than Elizabeth Lymer, an accomplished and prolific author of many books aimed specifically to the muslim childrens market. One of her works which I’ve been fortunate enough to review is Islamic Nursery Rhymes.

The tunes are modelled on common nursery rhymes that our children would already be familiar with, from their own pre-schools or kindergartens. The lyrics however convey Islamic ideas, and cover a range of topics, from salaah, to wudhu, to basic good manners, and love for Nabi (saw). Nursery rhymes are important for young children because they help develop an ear for our language. Both rhyme and rhythm help to hear and differentiate the sounds and syllables in words, and this in turn helps children learn to read independently.

Two other important aspects really contribute to the success of this wonderful venture. Firstly, the illustrations in this book, done by Fatimah Davies are vivid, colourful and relateable. Its not often that muslim children can identify with the the illustrations in books, however these illustrations are just beautiful. Below is one of my favourite images in the book. It depicts the Kaaba in the middle of the world, and people from every corner of the Earth making salaah in the direction of it.


The second aspect that makes this book so delightful is the accompanying mp3 album, in which Elizabeth herself ‘sings’ out the rhymes. The Mp3 is available for purchase through various channels. You can find more info:

This book is truly a little treasure! MashaAllah well done Elizabeth. For more info, check out Elizabeths FB page here.





4 thoughts on “Review: Islamic Nursery Rhymes by Elizabeth Lymer

  1. Such cute tiny rhymes. And needless to say, we are officially OBSESSED with watercolor illsutrations haha.
    Good job you both! 👍 Elizabeth and you ❤

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