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Kids’ Suhoor Favourite


With Ramadaan just around the corner, most parents are trying to get organised, and this of course includes being prepared for suhoor. Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal where individuals eat nutritious foods, to sustain them throughout the day. This is also following the sunnah, the tradition of Nabi(saw) However, as most parents know its not always easy getting children to eat at regular times, so rousing them from their sleep to eat, can in some cases be a challenge as well.

With this in mind, I’ve asked a few moms, how easy suhoor is for them, and also what their children enjoyed eating. Below is some of the answers:

Nareesa  has 3 daughters aged 13, 11 and 10

My girls love oats, mealie meal porridge, samoosas, eggs and sausages, muffins, coffee or hot chocolate, fruit, brownies, the list is endless! 😂 my girls love food!

Mariam from Johannesburg is a mom of 4 daughters, and she shares 2 of her daughters favourites with us.

Narmeen 12, strawberries & cream and banana fry, and Naadirah 10, Toasted Cheese sandwiches.

Jozi WAHM is a fellow blogger, and this is what she has to say “My favourite for myself and the kids is jungle oats, with cut up fruit, dates and cinnamon added. It is filling and low GI so keeps you full for quite long. My daughter (5) fasted a few half days last year but wants to try a full day this year, insha’allah.

Zulfah is a mom to 3 children, aged 6,9 and 10.

Alhamdulillah my kids are easy and eat just about anything
Eggs, toast & avo, oats, lotsa dates, a small banana. No dairy like milk or yoghurt. My 6 year old eats everything even though she doesn’t fast yet.

As I mentioned to Zulfah, I think its wonderful that she’s observing the sunnah even though she’s not fasting 😀 and besides, its good practice for when she does start fasting InShaAllah.

Aliwia however has a much more difficult time getting her children to eat much at suhoor. Her 3 children are 11, 7, and 2 years old. This was her response.

Weetbix, novelty porridge. Toast and peanut butter. All forced as they are not morning eaters or heavy eaters either

Nazreen, a mum of 2 children aged 9 and 12, unfortunately is in the same predicament…

I have to force them to eat. They normally have a small banana, glass of water and a leftover cookie.

Fahmieda is a mum of 3. Her children are aged 12, 10 and 8, and she says “They love leftover treats from iftaar which they have after their breakfast. Normally its a warm porridge (taystee wheat , weet bix or oats) Dates is a must every morning . I also give a meal replacement shake.

Mishkaah said the following:
When my son was little (he’s 14 now) Tastee wheat , Pronutro and a meal replacement shake. Now it’s leftover cookies and peanut butter, toast date and water.

My own children prefer sandwiches, cereals, and fruits. They also enjoy leftovers from iftaar. I try to always give them a nutritional supplement and ensure that they get enough liquids to sustain them throughout the day. Little man managed to keep all his fasts last year, and Little Miss kept a few half-day fasts and managed 5 full days.

From the above responses, it certainly seems like the most common foods include cereals or porridges of some sort, and of course fruits. Its important to note that as parents, we should try our best to include foods that are healthy and nutritious. InShaAllah, this coming Ramadaan, will be a good one for parents and children. Also a reminder, if your children do manage to keep a half-day fast, a full day fast, keep more fasts than the previous year, or even keep all their fasts this year, it certainly is an achievement that should be celebrated!

May Allah make it easy for us all.

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