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Never too late


A few months ago I wrote this small poem, but when I reread it last night, I thought to myself it was, in these days leading up to Ramadaan, a reminder to us all. Its never too late to turn your heart, your intentions, and your faith in another direction.And of course, I had to share it …


Never too late

A single wrong turn
A conscious choice
A walk into darkness
On mistaken advice
And misplaced trust
Faltering steps
And instantly the work of years
Is dissolved into dust
And the achievements
Evaporate and dissipate
And the foundation so carefully laid
Eroded into nothing
The darkness engulfs you
And corrodes your being
And yet that spark of light
Deep within your soul
Flickers and flounders
And eventually you feed it
And follow it
Back home
And you start to build again
At a time when others retire
And you’re back at the beginning
At a time when others are finishing
And you build again
Tired and sore
But you build again
Because its never too late
To build anew

Whatever may have come previously, the time is now, the opportunity is almost upon us again.

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