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Month of Light

For those who’ve followed this blog for a while, you’d know I’m a big fan of Teaching by Theme, and Ramadaan is no different. Every year I like to pick a theme for us to focus on as a family, during Ramadaan. In previous years, we’ve had Gratitude/Shukr, and Kindness.

This year I was a little stumped as to what theme to choose, and so decided to get on with the decorations instead. We started off making paper lanterns, and the children were really enjoying this, and soon decided that theyd like to make 30 lanterns for the 30 days of Ramadaan, and thats when inspiration hit!


This Ramadaan our theme will be ’30Days of Light’ So whilst the children continued making and decorating their lanterns I looked for references to LIGHT in the Quraan, Hadith, Aqeedah, and even for duaas that mentioned this.

I printed these out and cut them into strips of paper attached to the inside of every lantern, so every day just before iftaar, we’ll take one lantern down, and read the message on the inside. It will also serve as a countdown to Ramadaan.

Some of the information inside the lanterns are as follows:

  • Angels are created from light
  • Arabic word for light is Nur
  • A surah in the Quraan is called Surah Nur – Chapter of Light
  • Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth (24:35)
  • Abu Malik Al-Ashari reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Purity is half of faith, and the praise of Allah fills the scale. Glorification and praise fill up what is between the heavens and the earth. Prayer is a light, charity is proof, and patience is illumination. The Quran is a proof for you or against you. All people go out early in the morning and sell themselves, either setting themselves free or destroying themselves.” Source: Sahih Muslim 223
  • An-Nur is one of the 99 names of Allah.

We pray that this month will bring much noor, barakah, and joy to you and your loved ones.

2 thoughts on “Month of Light

  1. Fantastic idea…it does require a bit of creativity to keep learning interesting, relevant and educational/entertaining all at once! May Allah bless you and your family with a beneficial and most productive Ramadan!

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