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Book Review: Shapes of Eid According to Me by Samia Khan

So, with us having already passed the midway point of Ramadaan, and the Eid atmosphere starting to build up, I jumped at the opportunity to review a delightful little book called, The Shapes of Eid, According to Me by Samia Khan.

The relateability of a story is so important, and perhaps moreso in books that are meant to depict a particular religious celebration, and this author has managed to do just that. Diversity in written word, and helping children to see themselves as part of a story is key to ensuring the next generation of readers are invested in books.

I read the book to my 6 year old Little Miss and she thoroughly enjoyed it. She particularly loved the girls applying henna patterns the night before Eid, as well as the rhyming sentences. The food, the atmosphere, the family time, and the general celebratory mood of Eid is organically captured in the story. It perfectly weaves its way from the night before, sighting the moon, and the day of Eid through the many shapes, colors, and traditions synonymous with the holiday.image1.PNG
image1 (1).PNG








This lovely book, is so beautifully illustrated, by Maria Ahmed, and that certainly aids it in the retelling of a charming day of Eid celebrations. The carefully selected images and shapes that bring the story to life for any young reader!

This book has wonderful potential in crossing all traditional boundaries and showing how joyous Eid can be. The author, and illustrator deserve high praise for this little masterpiece. This is a book that deserves a place not only in muslim homes, but perhaps every public library and school as well.

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Shapes of Eid According to Me by Samia Khan

  1. Assalaamu Alaikum. I would like to know if you’d agree to review a kids Islamic activity book in return for a free digital copy. If the answer is yes, can you please provide me with an email address to contact you.

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