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Making kids feel special on a budget

If like most families, you’re running out of ideas on how to make your children feel special, and even moreso, looking for ideas for doing it in a way that doesn’t exhaust the budget, then here’s a list I’ve put together for you. (And with so many of you in the Northern hemisphere currently on… Continue reading Making kids feel special on a budget

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Just a quick note

Alhamdulillah just before Ramadaan began, the ever awesome Muslimah Blogger site announced the winners of their annual blogging awards, and I was ever so surprised that my humble little corner of the blogosphere had received such an incredible accolade! Raising Young Believers won in the Parenting/education category! Subhanallah this is such an honour when one… Continue reading Just a quick note

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  What is it about a moment that makes it worthy of being filed away in that treasure chest of memories? Is it the uniqueness of a first time experience, or is it the person/people that you’ve shared it with, or maybe its just the moment itself? And the things that trigger a memory, are… Continue reading Memories

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Stepping back

One of the most challenging parts of motherhood lately, has been to simply sit back and allow my children to choose their own friends. It put into sharp focus my own shortcomings, and perhaps even my need to control and micro-manage them, and made me realise that even though I want to raise, strong, independent… Continue reading Stepping back

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Teaching by Theme

Little Miss has recently become enamoured with all things from the ocean! And so I’ve decided to revert back to my original method of teaching by theme. What this means is that I try to cover many different subjects based around 1 initial idea. So for Islamic History we learned about one of the most… Continue reading Teaching by Theme

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Right now

I’ve been very quiet on this end lately, but there’s been a combination of factors that have kept me from writing. I’ve just started a new job this week. Alhamdulillah it’s one I’m very excited about, but as to be xpected, theres been a very steep learning curve, and we’ve only just begun. So that… Continue reading Right now

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Lunch box ideas

So as with the rest of the back to school hype, another subject that takes up much time is ‘what to pack for lunch’ Over the last few years Ive had some level of success, and decided to share some of my tips to make this less stressful. For me the hard part wasnt so… Continue reading Lunch box ideas

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Back to school

So with most families winding down the holidays, and into routine again, the back to school atmosphere starts to emerge. This is of course kick started by the list of back to school requirements and shopping for them! Last Wednesday, I went shopping for the kids school uniforms, and whilst this is usually a chore… Continue reading Back to school

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Conquering fears

There comes a time in your life when you stop populating your wishlist, and start to actually work through it! All through my life, I’ve set certain goals for myself, things I wanted to do, courses I wanted to study, places I wanted to go, experiences and adventures I wanted to have. For the most… Continue reading Conquering fears

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Last weekend, we decided to do something quite unusual for us! We went camping…but before you feel awed by my adventuring spirit let me clarify a little bit. I found a safari lodge that has a luxury camping stand option. This comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom. So, it was pretty… Continue reading Adventuring