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Month of Light

For those who’ve followed this blog for a while, you’d know I’m a big fan of Teaching by Theme, and Ramadaan is no different. Every year I like to pick a theme for us to focus on as a family, during Ramadaan. In previous years, we’ve had Gratitude/Shukr, and Kindness. This year I was a little… Continue reading Month of Light

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Kids’ Suhoor Favourite

With Ramadaan just around the corner, most parents are trying to get organised, and this of course includes being prepared for suhoor. Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal where individuals eat nutritious foods, to sustain them throughout the day. This is also following the sunnah, the tradition of Nabi(saw) However, as most parents know its not… Continue reading Kids’ Suhoor Favourite

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Stories of Miracles

So with the days of Hajj approaching, that’s going to be our theme for the next month in terms of our Islamic studies. I’ve broken it down into different sections to make easier for the children to absorb and learn, and also to keep the lessons interesting. Here’s the action plan that I’ve come up with… Islamic… Continue reading Stories of Miracles

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Every year when the month of Dhul-Hijjah begins, I find my emotions in such turmoil. I am filled with such yearning to be amongst those blessed souls preparing to gather on the plains of Mina. I constantly speak of and reminisce about my Hajj experience. I get goosebumps each time I hear the talbiyah. And… Continue reading Reminiscing

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Jar of Kindness

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to get a notification email, congratulating me on my 1 year blogging anniversary! In this time, there’s been just over 3000 views on this blog, which for me is completely overwhelming, and very humbling. So to all of you who’ve read my ramblings, thoughts, random comments and followed along… Continue reading Jar of Kindness

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Almost time again…

So Alhamdulillah, the countdown to the blessed days of Ramdaan, are upon us again. And while I’ve been talking to the kids a lot about the upcoming month of blessings, today we did our first Ramadaan craft. An extra-large signboard for our front door. Seeing as we live in a predominantly non-muslim area, not only… Continue reading Almost time again…

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Guiding Hands (Eid-ul-Adha 2013/1434)

A few weeks before Eid, we decided that this year we were going spend Eid at our home, instead of travelling long distances to family, like we usually do. We ordered our sheep, via the Imam at our musjid. The Friday before Eid the sheep were delivered to the musjid, and we went to ‘visit’… Continue reading Guiding Hands (Eid-ul-Adha 2013/1434)

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Journey like no other

As the time of Hajj draws ever closer, I find myself reminiscing, and very nostalgic about my own Hajj. During my travels I kept a fairly in-depth Hajj Journal and in my attempt to teach the children about Hajj, and the importance of this uniquely beautiful pilgrimage, I’ve been reading to them from my Hajj… Continue reading Journey like no other

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Everyday Thank Yous!

At the beginning of Ramadaan, the kids and I started a shared Ramadaan journal, entitled ’30 Days of Shukr’ where everyday, we’d make a note of things that we’re grateful to have been blessed with. Things that we usually take for granted, and forget to thank Allaah for. I wasn’t sure if Little Miss would… Continue reading Everyday Thank Yous!

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A Day of Celebrations

We rose early before Fajr salaah, and made zikr until athaan. Then prayed fajr, and as is tradition in our family, I went into the kitchen, and began frying samoosas, and making Eid milk ( A warm sweetened, milky drink with almond flakes, cardamon powder, and vermicelli ) Soon after Little Miss woke, and the… Continue reading A Day of Celebrations