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Brothers in Deen Free E-Book

Brothers in Deen is a collection of short stories following the adventures of two brothers as they journey through life and faith. It was first written for my son because I struggled to find children’s books with Muslim characters for him to read. Even though access to books for Muslim children is widening, and there is… Continue reading Brothers in Deen Free E-Book

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Book Review: Shapes of Eid According to Me by Samia Khan

So, with us having already passed the midway point of Ramadaan, and the Eid atmosphere starting to build up, I jumped at the opportunity to review a delightful little book called, The Shapes of Eid, According to Me by Samia Khan. The relateability of a story is so important, and perhaps moreso in books that… Continue reading Book Review: Shapes of Eid According to Me by Samia Khan

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Just a quick note

Alhamdulillah just before Ramadaan began, the ever awesome Muslimah Blogger site announced the winners of their annual blogging awards, and I was ever so surprised that my humble little corner of the blogosphere had received such an incredible accolade! Raising Young Believers won in the Parenting/education category! Subhanallah this is such an honour when one… Continue reading Just a quick note

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Kids’ Suhoor Favourite

With Ramadaan just around the corner, most parents are trying to get organised, and this of course includes being prepared for suhoor. Suhoor is the pre-dawn meal where individuals eat nutritious foods, to sustain them throughout the day. This is also following the sunnah, the tradition of Nabi(saw) However, as most parents know its not… Continue reading Kids’ Suhoor Favourite

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Review: Islamic Nursery Rhymes by Elizabeth Lymer

I have always been a huge fan of finding new and novel ways to teach children. More especially when it comes to Islamic education, we need more diverse and interesting manners in which to impart knowledge of deen. In this current era, where we are competing as it were, with much more than just television.… Continue reading Review: Islamic Nursery Rhymes by Elizabeth Lymer

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Review: #Alhamdulillah for Series

A few years ago, the Little people and I embarked on a journey of thankfulness in Ramadaan. We called it the Shukr Journal, and it brought such awareness and a mindset of always being thankful, especially for the little things. However as life happens, we often find ourself forgetting lessons and reverting to taking things… Continue reading Review: #Alhamdulillah for Series

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My people

Ive been very quiet over the past few days. Alhamdulillah I was able to travel to my parents home for the last week of Ramadaan and to spend Eid with them. Making the effort was especially worthwhile this year, as it was the first time in about 4 years that I was able to be… Continue reading My people

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Its slipping by again…

Remember the countdown? Remember the anticipation? Waiting for Ramadaan…preparing for it…cooking food in advance and stocking up the freezer…or collecting recipes for foods that are nourishing and still quick to prepare…searching the internet for fun ideas to keep the children occupied…downloading the best apps… And now, we’ve got just less than 10 days left. Its… Continue reading Its slipping by again…

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Anytime Dessert – Kheer

Kheer is a rice pudding made by boiling rice, or vermicelli with milk and sugar. It is usually flavoured with cardamon, raisins, saffron and nuts(pistachio and almond are most common) and is served as a dessert. What makes this particular dessert so versatile and always a crowd pleaser is that it can be served hot or old making it perfect… Continue reading Anytime Dessert – Kheer

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Mums Guide to a Successful Taraweeh Experience

One of my favourite aspects of Ramadaan is undoubtedly Taraweeh salaah. Here in the southern hemisphere, where we’re currently experiencing winter, to see people leave the warmth and comfort of their homes, venture out into the cold, and gather in the musjids in the stillness of the night. Standing shoulder to shoulder, united in takbeer,… Continue reading Mums Guide to a Successful Taraweeh Experience