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Making kids feel special on a budget

If like most families, you’re running out of ideas on how to make your children feel special, and even moreso, looking for ideas for doing it in a way that doesn’t exhaust the budget, then here’s a list I’ve put together for you. (And with so many of you in the Northern hemisphere currently on… Continue reading Making kids feel special on a budget

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Book Review: Shapes of Eid According to Me by Samia Khan

So, with us having already passed the midway point of Ramadaan, and the Eid atmosphere starting to build up, I jumped at the opportunity to review a delightful little book called, The Shapes of Eid, According to Me by Samia Khan. The relateability of a story is so important, and perhaps moreso in books that… Continue reading Book Review: Shapes of Eid According to Me by Samia Khan

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Top 5 day trips around Gauteng

With my kids being older now, and having moved past the stage where petting zoos and jungle gyms are of much interest, I’ve been hard pressed to find other avenues to keep them entertained this summer. Naturally being summer, there was lots of swimming, but I also wanted other experiences for them. It had to… Continue reading Top 5 day trips around Gauteng

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Bucket List

Living in sunny South Africa, means that we’re fortunate enough to have lots of zoos and nature reserves and see some of the most amazing animals on a regular basis. Some of our favourite animal outings include The National Zoological Gardens in Pretoria, and the Lory Park zoo in Midrand. We also really like The… Continue reading Bucket List

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Thank you ideas

If like me, these last few months have escaped you, and you now find yourself with just over 2 weeks left in the school year, and are scrambling for a gift for your kids teachers, Ive just found an awesome solution! And the best part is, this is a gift idea that was in fact… Continue reading Thank you ideas

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Peppermint Marshmallow Squares

Ive lost count how many times, Ive seen this video from Food 24 shared across so many different platforms. Ive been so tempted to give it a go, but usually for me, when one of these videos promise to be ‘quick and easy’ they usually end up being: a) not as quick as the video promised.… Continue reading Peppermint Marshmallow Squares

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Last weekend, we decided to do something quite unusual for us! We went camping…but before you feel awed by my adventuring spirit let me clarify a little bit. I found a safari lodge that has a luxury camping stand option. This comes with a fully equipped kitchen and a private bathroom. So, it was pretty… Continue reading Adventuring

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Strawberry Krusher Recipe

I was really looking forward to the Eid weekend.  And since Eid and celebrations and food go hand in hand, I dreamed up a little mocktail I think a holiday deserves a delicious drink to go with it, and so instead of sharing recipes of all the delicious food I’m sure was prepared, I’m sharing this recipe…… Continue reading Strawberry Krusher Recipe

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Hajj Info for Little People

As promised previously, here’s a basic infographic with the places visited during Hajj. Its broken down according to each day, with a very simple explanation of the activities performed on each day. Ive also put together a glossary called Hajj Terms and Words for Little People, as well as a quick, fun word search. All of… Continue reading Hajj Info for Little People

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Believe it or not

A few weeks ago, our family visited the Ripleys Believe it or not exhibition that was at The Grove Mall in Lynnwood Pretoria. This exhibit consists of 15 display areas spread out throughout the mall, and you can take a leisurely walk from one to the other. It was nice to fit in an educational… Continue reading Believe it or not