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Review: #Alhamdulillah for Series

A few years ago, the Little people and I embarked on a journey of thankfulness in Ramadaan. We called it the Shukr Journal, and it brought such awareness and a mindset of always being thankful, especially for the little things. However as life happens, we often find ourself forgetting lessons and reverting to taking things… Continue reading Review: #Alhamdulillah for Series

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Stepping back

One of the most challenging parts of motherhood lately, has been to simply sit back and allow my children to choose their own friends. It put into sharp focus my own shortcomings, and perhaps even my need to control and micro-manage them, and made me realise that even though I want to raise, strong, independent… Continue reading Stepping back

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Teaching by Theme

Little Miss has recently become enamoured with all things from the ocean! And so I’ve decided to revert back to my original method of teaching by theme. What this means is that I try to cover many different subjects based around 1 initial idea. So for Islamic History we learned about one of the most… Continue reading Teaching by Theme

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Sew, what you making?

Something pretty cool is happening today! A blog takeover 😀 There’s an incredibly talented lady who has agreed to do a guest blog tutorial on how to make a pencil bag, and with the new academic year just starting out, it’s perfect timing! Although seeing the end result, I can think of a few other… Continue reading Sew, what you making?

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How to fake sushi

So what do you when you’re a mum pressed for time, and the kids dont have much of an appetite because of this heat…why… you fake sushi of course! 😂 I have mentioned how this is now one of my favourite foods. I love the fresh clean flavours, but never imagined that I’d ever be… Continue reading How to fake sushi

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Right now

I’ve been very quiet on this end lately, but there’s been a combination of factors that have kept me from writing. I’ve just started a new job this week. Alhamdulillah it’s one I’m very excited about, but as to be xpected, theres been a very steep learning curve, and we’ve only just begun. So that… Continue reading Right now

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Book review: The Ducktrinors- Hanifa, Book 1 by Papatia Feauxzar

So I finally got a chance to do some reading during the holiday, and here’s a review of one of the books. This book is one of the most original works of Muslim fiction I have come across. Veering away from the usual, it’s set in a time that is almost the end of the… Continue reading Book review: The Ducktrinors- Hanifa, Book 1 by Papatia Feauxzar

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Lunch box ideas

So as with the rest of the back to school hype, another subject that takes up much time is ‘what to pack for lunch’ Over the last few years Ive had some level of success, and decided to share some of my tips to make this less stressful. For me the hard part wasnt so… Continue reading Lunch box ideas

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Top 5 day trips around Gauteng

With my kids being older now, and having moved past the stage where petting zoos and jungle gyms are of much interest, I’ve been hard pressed to find other avenues to keep them entertained this summer. Naturally being summer, there was lots of swimming, but I also wanted other experiences for them. It had to… Continue reading Top 5 day trips around Gauteng

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Back to school

So with most families winding down the holidays, and into routine again, the back to school atmosphere starts to emerge. This is of course kick started by the list of back to school requirements and shopping for them! Last Wednesday, I went shopping for the kids school uniforms, and whilst this is usually a chore… Continue reading Back to school