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Sew, what you making?

Something pretty cool is happening today! A blog takeover πŸ˜€

There’s an incredibly talented lady who has agreed to do a guest blog tutorial on how to make a pencil bag, and with the new academic year just starting out, it’s perfect timing! Although seeing the end result, I can think of a few other uses for such a cool bag as well…makeup travel case, or even as a simple purse. Okay enough from me…over to Javeriya! πŸ’›


Assalam alikum sisters! I’m Javeriya from Sew Some Stuff and today I’ll be taking over Raising Young Believers to share with you a quick tutorial on how to sew a pouch WITHOUT a sewing machine. Yup, you read that right. You can sew a simple pouch even if you don’t have a sewing machine.

I think this is a great time to learn this simple and easy sewing project so that you can make something for your kids for the new school year. It will save a lot of money plus they will have something totally customized for themselves to use.

hand sewn pouch tutorial 12

And guess what, you don’t even need a whole supply of fabric, you can make this pouch for the kids from simple scraps of fabric. As a proof, here’s a scrap of fabric from which I’ll be making the pouch today.


There are a lot of tutorials on the web which show you how to sew a pouch using a machine, but today I’ll be showing you that you can make one even if you don’t have a sewing machine and if you have never really done any kind of sewing earlier. Because I think, not everyone keeps a sewing machine unless they are really interested in sewing. Okay lets get started.

Things you need:

Let’s have a look at the supplies you would need to make the pouch.

  1. Scrap of fabric 1/4 yard
  2. Scrap of accent fabric – a small piece
  3. 8″ zipper
  4. Soft fusible interfacing 1/4 yard
  5. Matching threads
  6. Needle
  7. Scissors
  8. Measuring tape



Cut out the following pieces of fabric. (To make sure that you cut the fabrics straight you can read “how to cut fabrics straight without a rotary cutter“.)

  • 2 rectangles measuring 10 inch by 5 inch from main fabric as well as the soft fusible interfacing
  • 1 rectangle measuring 10 inch by 3.5 inch


The first step is to fold the edges of the accent piece and press using an iron, as shown below.

Next, you have to sew the accent piece onto one of the main piece.

Place the accent piece onto the main piece and pin. Then sew along the top and bottom as shown by the red lines.


To sew, first thread a needle, tie a knot at the end and then insert the needle at the corner. Follow the steps as shown below.


Continue sewing like this till you reach the end. And then do the same for the other side.


Next, prepare your zipper based on the tutorial shown at the post “How to prepare zippers for sewing projects?“.

After you have prepared your zipper, place it on top of one of the main rectangle so that the right sides are facing each other. The side of the zipper with the tab should face the rectangle. Pin the zip in place.

Thread your needle with the black thread and start sewing from the edge till you reach the other end.

hand sewn pouch tutorial

Next, place the other rectangle on the other side of the zipper, pin and sew the same way.


After you are done sewing both the zippers, bring the two rectangles together and sew from all three sides as shown by the red line.


This is how it should look like from the other side.


The next step is to clip the corners as shown below.

hand sewn pouch tutorial 3

Pull the sides apart to open the zipper.

hand sewn pouch tutorial 2

And turn the right side out.

hand sewn pouch tutorial 4

And viola! Your super cute brand new pouch is ready without a sewing machine.

hand sewn pouch tutorial 13

Isn’t it perfect for little kids as well as the older ones?

BIO: Javeriya is a student and a sewing enthusiast. Follow her sewing journey through her blog and Youtube sewing channel for free sewing patterns and much more.


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